Hire a Professional Tiler

If you are faced with the prospect of having a tiling job done in your home or business, be it floor tiling, wall tiling, tiling repairs or simple regrouting tiles the worst thing you can do is employ the services of unprofessional, fly by night tilers.

You will already be able to establish if you are dealing with an industry professional while still in the quotation phase. Any decent tiler will most likely carry a portfolio of their tiling work so that you can judge the quality of their work.

It is worth bearing in mind that should you decide on the wrong tiler for the job, it could prove to be a very expensive mistake. Despite the inconvenience of being left with a poorly completed job, the prospect of having to replace ruined tiles and paying for a plasterer to re-plaster walls or floors does not even constitute thinking about. Finding the right tilers the first time round will save you lots of money and hassle.

Hire A Professional Tiler

What to Look for when Hiring a Pro

In addition to a portfolio, a professional tiler will be able to provide you with numerous references from previous jobs they had performed. You will find many online portals which offer review sections where you can investigate tilers and other tradesmen on work they have completed.

There you will find all you need to know in order to make a well informed decision about various tradesmen. It might be possible that the tiler is not registered on any online portal and then that avenue will not be a viable pursuit.

The tilers you decide on should have an eye for detail easily be able to identify the slightest imperfection on every tile. This is another aspect which you can verify with past customers and previous jobs. Grout and tile adhesive not cleaned up and left to dry in the wrong places can lead to a horrible mess.

That’s why the tilers you choose should know to continuously clean up after themselves and hold their work stations clean and tidy.

Questions to ask your Pro

Questions worth getting the answer to before you make a final decision as to which tiler you’ll use include:

• A detailed outlay of how many tiles will be required, as well as any other materials needed
• What time frame are you working with? (Ascertain how long before the area will work after work is finished)
• Take the time to follow up on references and reviews for past jobs completed
• Study the tiler’s portfolio of work
• Will the tiler be able to provide you with a written quote for the job?
• Find out what guarantees on workmanship will be provided, and get it on paper

It is obvious that there are many aspects and factors to take into account when shopping around for tilers. By taking the time to do your homework thoroughly, you will be saving yourself from potential devastation and a lot of expensive headaches.