Install a Basement Bathroom

If you are planning to add a new bathroom to your basement, or the basement of a house you are planning to purchase than there are specific requirements you need to be aware of. One problem is how to tap in to the water supply. A bigger challenge involves draining the waste water. Why? Because upstairs toilets have gravity assisted drainage, but depending on the level of your sewer line, a basement toilet might be trying to flush waste against the force of gravity.

Common Basement Plumbing Problems

A common basement plumbing problem can easily illustrate my point. A couple wants to buy an old house, and wants to add a bathroom to the basement. First they need to check the level of the sewer line to know how much the toilet addition is going to cost them. If the main drain is below floor level then well and good. The toilet will clear with the help of gravity just like any other toilet in the house.

Let’s suppose, however, that the house’s sewer line is higher than the basement floor. Now, gravity won’t help clear the bowl. There are two major options. You might want to go with a sewer ejector pump. This will require one 4″ main drain, plus the pump setup, all told an extra 1,000-1,500 dollars to your installation.

Another creative way to allow toilet to flush against the force of gravity problem is a nifty appliance called the “upflush toilet.” This ingenious device, which does just what it says, was invented by Larry Sturm an ingenious plumber Pa plumber.

Basement BathroomLarry was the number one plumber in his plumbing school. Subsequently he developed a knack for solving touch plumbing problems.Today Larry is a registered master plumber, and other plumbers often seek out his advice. Larry’s solution to the problem of flushing a basement toilet against gravity was to invent the upflush toilet. The device is expensive, however it works and has a long life span. Larry personally supervises the sale of his product, which can be found on the web.

Another solution for emptying the contents of a basement toilet against gravity is the basement mini septic tank. A small tank can be installed underneath or in the concrete, and hooked to the sewer ejection pump. It is a troublesome solution because it involves breaking up part of the concrete floor. However, it works, and it is even possible to drain the sink and basement shower into the same tank.

Basement plumbing installation has unique problems, but with multiple solutions. A family wishing to install a basement toilet should do a careful examination, and then chose the basement toilet mechanism which is right for your home.